Kim Gentes watches the world with a thoughtful eye . . . he sees things that others miss. In the world of worship resources he has married creativity, diligence and ingenuity, and he has done this for many years. All of his work related to worship materials and practices grows out of his excellent character and true passion for Christ and His Church.

Dr. Peter Fitch, Dean of Ministry Studies, St. Stephen’s University


My friend, Kim Gentes, has put together a guide that should be on the desk of every worship leader or music minister. It is helpful, clear, unbiased and saves churches time and money. Kim has spent much of his life dedicated to resourcing the church in worship and this book is full of that wisdom, made practical for each of us.

Don Moen, Worship Leader, Songwriter, Producer- Nashville, TN


“As a worship resourcer and leader of 20+ years, I have been waiting for the Ultimate Worship Resource Guide. More than the guide itself, I’ve been waiting for someone like Kim Gentes to put it together. He is an on-the-ground worship leader, ran one of the largest internet worship resourcing stores in the world (, develops tools that simply work for worship leaders ( and is probably the world’s most esteemed industry expert when it comes to reviewing worship resources. This Guide is fair, honest, and laced with the kind of practical insight only a fellow worship ministry leader could have. Kim’s broad knowledge of the resources available, excellent research, and careful evaluation make this guide indispensable. I will be among the first to own a copy. Every worship leader on the planet should email Kim with a big “thanks” for creating this objective, excellent tool. I’ll be the first to say it: Thank you Kim. You have made my work so much easier.”

Dan Wilt, M.Min., Founder,


I was shocked! When Kim Gentes asked if I’d take a look at his new book, I agreed, although not enthusiastically. 2011 Ultimate Worship Resources Guide: Songs and Media Edition, really didn’t sound like something that was going to be exciting, compelling reading. I was wrong.

Beginning with a brief history of modern worship music, and then offering practical sources to find songs and song-related media, this book really lives up to its title.

I know a lot about worship music. As one who teaches on worship for a living, I try to keep up on what’s going on in worship music. But I’ll be honest, there are great sources in this book that had somehow totally eluded my attention. After all, who has time to research everything out there?Well, apparently Kim Gentes does and he put it all together in this book.

The day I finished reading the book I told the worship leader at our church that he needed to get a copy. I don’t recommend things to him very often. This one, though, is definitely worth it. You probably ought to get one, too… Don’t miss out. This book will save you tons of time and effort!

Tom Kraeuter, Training Resources, Hillsboro MO


“Our friend Kim Gentes, founder of, worship leader, songwriter and many other things has compiled an excellent little resource guide perfect for worship leaders, pastors, musicians and administrators… the guide objectively reviews numerous church worship resources…The beauty of this guide is that it is refreshingly free from advertising. Each resource listed has been personally reviewed by Kim and allocated a star rating…Its a real must have for worship leaders.

Kim is well qualified to put together this resource. He has spent some 15 years connecting tens of thousands of churches worldwide with worship resources. His reviews are professionally written quickly getting to the heart of what the resource delivers and how you might benefit from it.

I’ve worked in the worship music arena for several years and there were many resources in this guide that I’d not previously come across. I also particularly enjoyed reading Kim’s overview of the history of contemporary worship music which also documents the changes that technology has brought to the church and industry.”
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Marie Page, Musicademy, Chorleywood, UK